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Sara Hammel
March 16, 2011 03:50 PM

LeAnn Rimes has a message for anyone judging her thin physique: “I am completely healthy!”

The singer, who’s in wedding planning mode in the run-up to getting hitched to fiancé Eddie Cibrian, added on her Twitter page Tuesday, “If people only saw how much I ate.”

Recent photos show the singer, who is known for being in great shape, looking particularly slim. Referring to pictures of herself wearing leg-baring jeans shorts and an off-the-shoulder top as a “joke” and blasting the “judging” and “evil comments” that followed the photos’ publication, Rimes also writes in response to a follower, “OVER It is right! I know how healthy I am, so really that’s all that matters.”

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That same day she offered a glimpse into what she eats, citing her recipe to start the day: “Breakfast…poached eggs, whole wheat toast and Italian ham w/ fresh berries!” she wrote.

For those who still don’t believe she’s fit and healthy – and not wasting away as some have trumpeted online – she reminded one follower that “it’s a photo….see me IN PERSON,” and invited fans (jokingly) to see her stark naked.

“Maybe it’s time for a nude pic so peeps can see how I look nowhere near what these stupid pics are trying to make me look like, LOL,” she wrote, making it clear she was kidding.

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