Kevin Hart
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Gabrielle Olya
January 04, 2017 05:28 PM

Kevin Hart has organized spontaneous 5k runs around the country, and in 2017 he is planning on taking his mission to spread his love of running up a notch.

“This year I’m going to try to get more people to run,” the Rally Health Ambassador, 37, tells PEOPLE. “It will be 5Ks, 10ks, thinking about doing a half-marathon and a marathon. I put my action behind my words. It’s beach workouts, it’s runs, it will probably be bike rides. I mix it up and constantly keep it new, fresh and effective. The best way to top it is just do what you did and try to do it better.”

Hart says the most rewarding aspect about getting people to participate in his spontaneous runs has been seeing firsthand the impact they have had.

Rally Health

“The highlights come from seeing the reactions that people give from the actions that I’m putting out,” he says. “When you have people that are telling you, ‘I got up today and I ran, and I did it because of you,’ or, ‘Hey man, I’m getting up every day and I’m working out and I’m taking care of myself,’ ‘I’m a cancer survivor and at one point I wanted to give up but watching you and what you put into your days makes me want to do more, and I’ve been doing it.’ Those are the things to me that count as the highlights. You really see that you have a positive effect on people.”

Though the comedian is an avid runner now, he discovered his passion for running later on in life.

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“It’s not something I did as a kid or that I did in high school — it’s something that as an adult I started, and I struggled with it in the beginning, but I stayed true to it and got better and better, and now I just love it,” says Hart, who will take part in Rally Health’s upcoming HealthFest in San Fransisco on March 25.

“I love to go distances,” he continues. “It’s not only mentally soothing but it’s good for you — it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your lungs, and it’s something that you can do with a community. It’s not something that you conquer in one day, but you grow.”

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