Courtesy Health
Maggie Coughlan
April 23, 2013 12:25 PM

At 38, Jewel says she’s learned to embrace her imperfections.

“I wore prosthetic teeth when filming as June Carter Cash and I found it funny that people thought that in a matter of two weeks, I was somehow able to straighten my teeth!” she says in Health‘s May issue.

“I don’t think that my teeth represent my defiance of the Man … I just don’t like pain, and I never wanted braces,” she explains.

But the singer-turned-actress – Jewel stars as June Carter Cash in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, Ring of Fire – isn’t just comfortable with her own looks, she also appreciates the variety of bodies in Hollywood.

“I love J. Lo’s body,” she says of Jennifer Lopez. “I’ll never have her little waist or her abs, and I’ll never have her booty. But I have other assets, hopefully!”

She continues, “I love Beyoncé’s body, too. They are healthy beautiful women. I’ve seen J. Lo gain five pounds, like we all have, and she looks great. She owns it. She’s just like, ‘Yeah, there it is. Boom.’ ”

Jewel also credits her positive attitude toward her body with helping her put her health over her appearance.

“I was heavier when I got into the business, and I remember getting written up as the ‘chubby Renée Zellweger.’ I was either going to turn to bulimia (which most of the other girls that I was around were doing) or to diet pills (which most of the celebrities I knew were doing). Or I was going to do it the right way, because that s the only way that will last. That attitude helped save my health in the long run.

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