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Alison Schwartz
February 25, 2011 09:55 AM

She wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted a simple wedding.

Jessica Simpson, 30, who is engaged to NFL free agent Eric Johnson, 31, might just be willing to skip out on the one item that’s usually on any bride-to-be’s shopping list: a wedding gown.

In response to media attention to photographs of Simpson in her workout gear – pegged to her supposed pre-wedding effort to get in shape – the soon-to-be Mrs. Johnson fired back in a Tweet: “Eric and I could get married right now in sweats!”

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Even if she’s only exaggerating about ditching the dress on her big day, Simpson didn’t seem to be joking about the attention itself.

“Yes, I am working out, but why is that worth any sorta [sic] press?” she said. “I always take care of myself.”

As for her genuine wedding plans, Simpson said in December 2010 that she’s hoping to get married by the following Christmas, adding, “We’re just going to enjoy the engagement, and we’ll get married the moment we feel like it.”

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