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Marisa Laudadio
October 15, 2012 10:45 AM

When comedian Jeff Dunham decided he wanted to get in great shape for his wedding, he didn’t have to look too far for help.

That’s because the ventriloquist’s bride, Audrey Murdick, is not only a fitness model, but a certified nutrition consultant and fitness trainer.

For three months leading up to their Friday wedding, Dunham tells PEOPLE that he and Murdick, 32, religiously followed the diet she sticks to when preparing for a National Physique Committee bikini competition: one that s high in protein, low in carbs, moderate in healthy fats and free of gluten, dairy and alcohol.

Dunham, 50, also did cardio six to seven days a week, working up to an hour and 20 minutes a day on a stair climber, plus three days of weight training every week.

The result? He lost 25 lbs. and now weighs what he did in high school.

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Wedding Day Indulging

After all that hard work, the couple was determined to eat whatever they wanted on their big day. “The wedding was about fun, friends, family,” says Dunham, “and food!”

They threw healthy eating out the window for the night and enjoyed a menu that included everything from Dunham’s favorite food since childhood (chicken-fried Angus steak with cream gravy) to Audrey s favorite side dish (roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary and pecans).

The rest of the feast by New West Special Occasion Catering of Buellton, Calif., was equally decadent: In addition to the sundae and cappuccino bars, guests feasted on Tabasco and molasses glazed chicken; macaroni and cheese with a crispy panko topping; iron-skillet cornbread with honey butter; rattlesnake bean chili with charred tomato and cilantro; grilled white shrimp wrapped with pancetta and stuffed with Asiago cheese; and miniature wild boar pastrami and Gruyere reubens.

Beverages included hibiscus tea with lime, strawberry lemonade and pomegranate spritzers, as well as wines from the Sunstone Vineyards where the couple wed.

Dunham’s Halloween standup special Minding the Monsters, the highest-rated standup special on Comedy Central this year, will re-air on Oct. 20 and 31.

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