Julie Mazziotta
October 26, 2016 10:52 AM

No gym? No problem!

Hilaria Baldwin knows that as a busy mom, the key is to fit in a workout whenever you can.

The mom of three gave birth to baby Leonardo just one month ago, on Sept. 12, and she’s making the world — or an elevator vestibule — her gym, in a video Baldwin shared Tuesday.

“Waiting for the elevator! Obliques and hips! 3 sets 5 on each side!” she posted on Instagram, as she does leg lifts in heels and a dress.

Baldwin, a yoga instructor, dealt with criticism for working out just ten days after giving birth, but explained that she had full permission from her doctor.

“Every body is different. Every pregnancy is different. My pregnancy, birth and recovery is between ME AND MY DOCTOR. As yours should be,” she wrote on Instagram. “This is my third baby … so obviously I’ve done this before.”

“Fitness is my job … which means my body is accustomed to working out. I ran through much of my pregnancy and worked out throughout the entirety of it. So please: stop with the negativity about me just having a baby. I don’t want to sit down, lay down and do nothing. That’s not what my body is telling me it wants and needs.”

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