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Grace Gavilanes
January 10, 2017 02:30 PM

Molly Galbraith has no use for the word “flaws.”

In a New Year’s Day post — which has since gone viral and garnered the support of thousands of women from 50-plus countries — the personal trainer shared a picture of herself in a black tank and underwear with an empowering message.

“I’m NOT embracing my flaws in 2017,” reads her Facebook post. “Why? Because I’m not the one who decided they were flaws to begin with.”

Galbraith continues her post by writing about her journey to body acceptance, which began at a young age after someone made her feel “like I was bigger than all the other girls.”

“It’s a narrative that made me feel ashamed of, embarrassed by, and apologetic for my body,” Galbraith writes before breaking out into all-too-familiar messages displayed by mainstream media and the diet industry.

“Our preoccupation with what is ‘wrong’ with our bodies silences our voices and prevents us from being fully engaged in the world and our own lives,” Galbraith tells PEOPLE of her reason behind posting her mirror selfie and accompanying caption. “I want women everywhere to understand that they do not have to subscribe to anyone else’s ideals or standards for their body.”

It was this mindset that prompted Galbraith to launch her latest initiative: the Resolution Revolution campaign, an extension to her global fitness movement, Girls Gone Strong.

“Empowerment is just a fluffy buzz word unless you give someone the guidance and tools to actually take action,” she reveals. “That’s why we put together the Resolution Revolution Challenge, which is a free challenge where we help women set specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and positive resolutions for the new year.”

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This isn’t the first time Galbraith has made headlines for her body-positive messages. Last year, the fitness trainer posted a picture of herself in a bikini, alongside an open letter that revealed 2016 to be the first year Galbraith was not making a resolution “to change the way my body looks.”

Of her most recent viral post, Galbraith tells PEOPLE: “I didn’t want to inspire women to view their bodies differently without actually giving them a next logical action step to take.”

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