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Julie Mazziotta
March 13, 2017 04:56 PM

After nine months of staying on her usual nutritious eating and exercise track, Massy Arias delivered a healthy baby girl. And nine days later, the fitness Instagrammer was right back to her pre-pregnancy abs, which she credits to her healthy lifestyle.

Arias shared a before and after photo to show her body nine days postpartum.

“Recovering and eating as best as I can with enough caloric surplus for milk supply,” Arias says of her eating habits after giving birth. “You saw how active I was during my pregnancy and how well I ate. I had a natural labor with no complications (thank God and to this lifestyle). I am still practicing what I believe in: food is medicine and I don’t deprive myself from any food groups. I just EAT WHOLE AND EAT WELL.”

The Los Angeles-based health coach says she’s waiting to work out again.

“I do miss movement but first, I have to heal properly,” she writes.

Arias adds that people shouldn’t feel like they need to look just like her post-pregnancy.


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Arias delivered baby Indira, her first child, in a water birth in just 20 minutes. And like many new moms, she’s struggling with breastfeeding.

Like a breath of fresh air 👼🏽 who do you think she looks like? Update: been really in a limbo trying to figure this out. Waking up every two hrs to breastfeed or may I say, syringe feed until I can recover from the bad latching. They don't prepare you for how hard it is to breastfeed but I'm getting the hang of it. I though a natural water birth was going to be a challenge, but this is the most emotionally and physical "workout" I've ever done thus far… I had a back labor and managed to push her out in 20 mins. I will not lie if I said it didn't hurt but I would do it again. I had an awesome doula and midwife team. I must say @willy_beamen was a big part of coping with labor (I am so blessed to have such a great husband, he's so awesome). I will post a postpartum pic to show you guys. Anyway, I just need a few more days…oh yes I do! HAPPY SUNDAY MY LOVES 💕 ____________________________________________________________ Como un soplo de aire fresco 👼🏽 ¿a quién crees que se parece? : He estado realmente en un limbo tratando de navegar este nuevo cambio en mi vida. Despertar cada dos horas para amamantar y usando una jeringa hasta recuperarme de dar el seno. No te preparan para lo difícil que es amamantar, pero estoy aprendiendo y mejorando cada día. Pensaba que dar a luz natural iba a ser un reto, pero este "entrenamiento" ha sido el más emocional y físico que he hecho hasta el momento … llegue a mi partera con 8cm dilatada y logre empujarla en 20 minutos. No voy a mentir si les digo que no dolió, pero yo lo haría de nuevo. Tuve un equipo impresionante de parteras y Doula. Debo decir @willy_beamen fue una gran parte de hacer frente al dolor de parto ( soy muy dichosa de tener un gran marido, él es tan impresionante). Voy a publicar una foto postparto para mostrarles que tal va todo. De todos modos, sólo necesito unos días más … oh sí…unos días donde pueda dormir! Feliz domingo mis amores ________________________________________

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“Been really in a limbo trying to figure this out,” she says. “Waking up every two hrs to breastfeed or may I say, syringe feed until I can recover from the bad latching. They don’t prepare you for how hard it is to breastfeed but I’m getting the hang of it.”

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