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Body Positivity

Fitness Instagrammer Shows How the Before-and-After ‘Booty Pic’ Isn’t Always Real

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Sara Puhto
Sara Puhto/Instagram

One fitness Instagrammer is reminding everyone that those before-and-after photos aren’t always what they seem.

Sara Puhto shared the true story behind how her butt gets that Kardashian-esque “booty pop” in her photos in a post that resonated with her followers.

“I thought I’d show my booty from its normal straight leg standing position vs a posed booty pop position, cause in a world where the Kardashian’s bootys are so glorified, we need to remember that the photos we see of them and others aren’t always reality. Their butts can’t ALWAYS look that big from every angle,” the 20-year-old Puhto writes.

Like fitness star Emily Skye before her, The South Africa-based vlogger wants to show that the fitspo transformation photos on Instagram aren’t as perfect as they seem.

“We see [Instagram photos] as goals and think we’ll never be able to gain that much muscle or lose that much fat. Don’t think you can’t because you’re comparing a posed photo of a body to your everyday body,” Puhto says. “Use them as motivation but don’t get too caught up on them.”

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Puhto started working out and following a vegan diet in July 2015, and got down to her lowest weight of 52 kg., or 115 lbs. But the experience made her realize that the number on the scale didn’t matter as much as feeling healthy, and found her happy weight of 57 kg., or 126 lbs.

Left: May 2016. Right: November 2016. SCREW THE SCALE ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿผ STRONG NOT SKINNY ๐ŸŒฟ On the left I was at my almost lowest weight during my fitness journey and was so close to my goal weight (50kg). I was happy I was close to my goal weight but was annoyed that I was gaining weight because I was gaining muscle. I didn't know that this was a thing that would happen back then and as a result I would over exercise because I thought this would help me lose weight and bring me closer to my goal weight. But instead it left me fatigued throughout the whole day. I worked out 1-2 hours everyday, mostly cardio, to try lose extra kgs and as a result would end up eating more vegan junk food because the amount of good food I was eating didn't make up for the amount of calories I burnt during my hour long workouts. It took me many months to realise I was over exercising but I eventually was able to slowly cut down. I now workout 30-45 minutes, mostly weightlifting (sometimes an hour if my body feels like it) and eat a good amount of food where I no longer feel the need to eat crazy amounts of junk food. I do still treat myself but not to the extent of borderline binging. I finally feel like I have a good balance with working out and eating and as a result love the way my body looks because I feel so happy. I know some of you will prefer my body on the left but it doesn't matter to me because that's not when I was the happiest, and that's what really matters to me. What I'm trying to say, as I've said in posts before, don't strive for a certain goal weight or perfection, it'll make you do silly things. Just go by how your body feels and you'll find an amazing balance that'll make you happy ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ Also this fitness journey has ups and downs so don't get upset if you have bad weeks or months. It's not all about seeing progress every month, sometimes there are bumps in the road where you lose progress and that's okay! Just remember it's a marathon not a sprint ๐Ÿ’• #screwthescale #strongnotskinny #overexercise

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“I finally feel like I have a good balance with working out and eating and as a result love the way my body looks because I feel so happy,” she says. “Don’t strive for a certain goal weight or perfection, it’ll make you do silly things. Just go by how your body feels and you’ll find an amazing balance that’ll make you happy.”