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Shruti Dhalwala
March 02, 2010 02:50 PM

Carnie Wilson has been struggling to lose the 61 lbs. she gained during her last pregnancy. Luckily, she has Dr. Mehmet Oz in her corner dishing out what he says is “tough love.”

“I was disappointed initially [in her progress],” he told reporters Monday at Cosmopolitan‘s Fun Fearless Male Awards in New York. “But in fairness to Carnie, she’s gotten on the boat. She’s on the show on Wednesday and I want to talk to her honestly about why she was doing the things she was doing.”

The reality star from GSN’s Carnie Wilson: Unstapled last weighed in at 218 lbs. on Oz’s show, and was down to 212 lbs. when she talked to PEOPLE, but according to Oz, Wilson, 41, still has work to do – something they address during an interview scheduled to air on The Dr. Oz Show on Wednesday.

“She lost a couple pounds but the thing I got upset with her about – and we talked about going our separate ways over this – was the fact that she did not have a diet buddy with her,” said Oz. “And the reason I feel strongly about her and other folks on a diet having a diet buddy, is if you rely on your family, these people love you but are unwittingly often enabling you to do the wrong thing.”

During that interview Wilson tells Oz that she feels like she’s finally starting to make progress. “I feel like I’m just getting in the groove here and I’m becoming accountable,” she says. “You’re asking me to do, like, a lot of major things at one time.”
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“I’ve made good progress and I’m making positive changes and I’m heading in the right direction,” she continues. “And so you’re telling me some good things, and I am hearing you. And I do need to address it more emotionally.”

Oz admits it won’t always be easy to hear what he has to say, but in order to maintain a healthy working relationship, there has to be mutual respect. “I spent my whole life giving people news they don’t want to hear,” he tells Wilson, “and still have this respect [for] each other.”

Ultimately, both are pleased with Wilson’s progress so far. “I want to celebrate you for where you are right now [because] I think you have made progress,” Oz says on the show.

Responds Wilson: “I’m really proud of myself. What I’ve done in the last six weeks is I’ve really become accountable for what I’m putting in my mouth… I know how to work hard, and so I really paid attention.”

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