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All About the Dance-Based Workout Loved by Besties Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams

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Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps
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Busy Philipps swears by Lauren Kleban’s LEKfit workout for serious toning.

“Busy committed and has consistently worked out with me five to six times a week,” Kleban tells PEOPLE. “Because we do intervals of hardcore cardio and muscle sculpting, her body continues to burn calories after her workout is over.”

LEKfit — which also counts Philipps’ BFF Michelle Williams and America Ferrera as fans — is a dance-inspired fitness method that utilizes mini trampolines for low-impact, high-intensity cardio; ballet and yoga-inspired moves for sculpting; and interval training and circuit work.

It is designed to create long and lean muscles by using intervals of cardio with muscle sculpting techniques that are created to strengthen and tone,” says Kleban. “The LEKfit method features workouts that are musically driven, super fun, challenging and effective.”

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Kleban believes her clients keep coming back to take the 50- to 60-minute classes because of the results — as well as the sense of community she encourages.

Jesse Deyoung

My clients obviously love that my method works for them, but I think what they love even more is the intimacy they feel with LEKfit,” she says. “Both my in-studio and online clients have created a real support system for each other in their quest to become their healthiest selves.”

For anyone looking to get in shape, Kleban says commitment is key.

Lindsay Rosenberg

Getting in shape must be a lifestyle change,” she says. “There are no shortcuts or quick fixes, so find something you can enjoy and commit to it. Be gentle with yourself and don’t deprive yourself — everything is fine in moderation.”