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VIDEO: Meet the Newborn Octuplets!

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Speaking as the camera rolls, Nadya Suleman, the California woman believed to be only the second mother in America to deliver live octuplets, is talking about her smallest baby, Jonah.

He is “the tiniest one and he’s the troublemaker,” Suleman, 33, tells Ann Curry in an interview aired Monday on NBC’s Today, as she cradles the boy’s head with her manicured hands. “That’s why we had to deliver early.”

Then Suleman, who has six other children under the age of 8 waiting at home, describes some of Jonah’s baby siblings as she continues her tour of the neonatal unit: there’s brother Noah, “the blonde one,” and Isaiah.

To keep things straight, Suleman, who conceived via in-vitro fertilization, sometimes refers to the babies by the letters of the alphabet. Nariyah, is Baby D, Jeremiah, Baby F. Makai, Josiah and Maliyah – the first to open her eyes – fill out the family.

Suleman, who left Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center near Los Angeles ten days after giving birth on Jan. 26, says she longs to introduce her newborns and their other young siblings, now in the care of their grandmother, Angela Suleman, at her home in Whittier, Calif.

“I feel torn because I have the other kids at the house, and I want to be here too,” Suleman says. “I can’t wait until they’re all together, because it’s like we’re not a whole family yet.”