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Victoria Beckham 'Not Trying to Get Pregnant'

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Courtesy Glamour Magazine

Victoria Beckham is obsessed with grapes – “I just can’t put them down.” But, she’s quick to say, it’s not some bizarre pre-maternity diet.

“I’m not pregnant, and I’m not trying to get pregnant at the moment,” she tells November’s U.K. edition of Glamour. “I’m so lucky to have the boys [Brooklyn, 9; Romeo, 6; and Cruz, 3] and they’re such great kids. Nice, free spirits and incredibly polite, which I think is very important.”

Adds Beckham, 34: “But it takes a lot of energy, and the thought of having another baby now would be a little bit much. Maybe in a year or two but right now, I’m having amazing career opportunities and I want to enjoy the boys.”

Another thing she enjoys? Cooking for her sons – and her husband, David.

But No Cupcakes

“I’m very good at lasagna and spaghetti Bolognese,” she says. “I don’t eat them myself because I’m vegetarian. But for David the night before a game, it’s good to make sure he has protein and carbohydrates. … I’m very good at Dora The Explorer cupcakes too – out of a packet.”

(She admits she doesn’t eat the cupcakes, either. So does Victoria eat anything she cooks? “I do, but I’m not a big-meal person.”)

The Spice-Girl-turned-designer also reveals that her kids now speak with American accents – “a little bit.” Does it bother her? “Not really. The kids are so happy here [in Los Angeles]. I feel we are settled as a family. We go back to Britain to see family and friends, but this is a great place for all of us.”