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Ulrica Wihlborg
January 11, 2009 11:55 AM

Maxine Bahns, who plays Simon Baker’s wife on the CBS drama The Mentalist, is pregnant with her first child, the actress tells PEOPLE.

“I’m very excited,” says Bahns, who is due with a girl at the end of February. “The whole pregnancy has been amazing and I can’t wait to love this baby.”

Bahns and her husband, professional adventure racer Patrick Watson, have already picked out a name: Madison Rose.

“I love the nickname Maddie,” says Bahns. “And my husband’s mom’s name is Rosemary, so we wanted to honor her by giving our daughter the name Rose.”

“I’m ready to be a mom,” says Bahns, 37, who’s been prepping by taking baby care and breastfeeding classes “I’ve been around the world a few times and I’ve waited a little longer, so this feels like the right time.”

To keep fit during pregnancy, Bahns, who is an accomplished tri-athlete and has competed in the Hawaiian Iron Man Championships, has practiced prenatal yoga five times a week.

Her plans to get back in shape post-birth? “I’m doing a Half Iron Man competition in July,” she says. “I’ll give myself two weeks [after the birth] and then I’ll start training.”

Bahns and Watson were married in October 2007. “My husband is the first man I’ve ever met that I truly felt I wanted to have a child with,” says she. “I can’t wait to meet our baby.”

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