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Soulful Baby Cries as Her Mother Sings – Watch the Video

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Need a good cry today? This baby’s got you covered.

In a Youtube video sure to catch fire online (it’s on the cusp at about half a million views as of Tuesday afternoon), a 10-month-old baby girl named Mary-Lynne Leroux is moved to tears by her mom Amanda’s heartfelt rendition of “My Heart Can’t Tell You No.”

Just try to watch and not tear up yourself … those in our newsroom couldn’t do it.

Amanda Leroux tells Right This Minute that she’s “in shock” at all the attention the video is getting and explains that this is the only song her daughter, now 1, reacts to in this way. “It’s almost as if she understands,” she says.

When Leroux (who’s not a trainer singer) told her husband, Alain, about their only child’s emotional response, he didn’t believe it. “One day she decided to record it and I got to see it for the first time and I was completely blown away,” he says.

The couple, who are from Ontario, Canada, admit that they uploaded the video just so their family could see it and have been “surprised” by all the attention it’s gotten. “I’m really really shy,” Amanda says. “I just sing around the house.”

Who needs to sing in front of an audience when someone at home is this moved by her talent?