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Simon Perry
July 15, 2013 08:40 AM

Don’t pick an unusual name for Baby Cambridge. That’s father-of-four David Beckham‘s advice.

Beckham, 38, who named his eldest child Brooklyn, reckons the royal baby should be named David, if it’s a boy.

Asked for his baby-name thoughts, the soccer star told Sky News, “David’s not bad. I think they should go for David,” he said with a laugh.

But whatever the gender or the name of the future prince or princess, Beckham has no doubt that Prince William and Kate are “going to be amazing parents, because they are so loving towards children.”

He adds, “William’s been in all of our lives for so many years. We’ve seen William grow from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman. That’s an amazing quality. And that as a father is so important.”

He added that he hopes one of his sporty sons – Brooklyn, Romeo or Cruz – follows in his footsteps.

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“I’d love one of them to be a football player. It might end up being [daughter] Harper – she might go into it. If one of the boys go on to play football, then great,” he says. “I want them to be healthy and I want them to be fit.”

And they aren t the only ones keeping fit. “[Victoria]’s up at 6:30 every the morning, running. She’s very fit. Harper sits there and watches her.”

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