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Ménica Cruz Writes About Getting Pregnant Via Artificial Insemination

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Europa Press/Getty

Ménica Cruz, the sister of Penélope Cruz, is pregnant.

The Spanish beauty recently revealed her decision to use artificial insemination in a blog post for the newspaper El Paés.

“I’m going to be a mom!” she wrote. “I have achieved the dream of my lifetime.”

Cruz, who is an actor and dancer, also expressed her gratitude to “those anonymous donors that help so many women, like me, to achieve their dreams.”

Her decision to publicly share her road to motherhood, she wrote, comes from her desire to help other women who want to do the same.

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“If by doing this I can help other women who have their doubts, you have me here for whatever you need,” she wrote.

Cruz, 35, also said she wants to be open and honest about her decision for the sake of her baby.

“Above all, I wanted to avoid speculation about supposed fathers,” she wrote. “That’s something I won’t allow now or, of course, when my baby is here.”

In a follow-up post, Cruz responded to readers and commenters, offering her thoughts and opinions on raising a child as a single parent: “Single moms should never think that because of having a child, it’s going to be more difficult to find a future mate,” she wrote.

In her most recent post, entitled "I Don’t Know What to Wear," she writes about being in her first trimester, a time when “you’re still not showing but your pants or favorite jeans don’t fit and will have to stay hung up in your closet for a long time.”

Cruz suggests to her readers a handful of maternity clothes, including jeans and leggings by H&M and tops by Spanish brand Zara.

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