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Minnie Driver Deaf to Doctor on Baby's Sex

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Though Minnie Driver has expressed her wish not to know the gender of her child, a doctor revealed that very info during a recent medical exam.

Still, the expectant actress, 38, insisted to her TV host on Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, “I don’t know whether he said ‘he’ or ‘she.’ ” How come? She was simply too busy concentrating on the doctor’s comments about her cervix.

The two friends who accompanied Driver to the examination did hear the doctor, however – and one pal is allegedly blackmailing Driver to buy him things so he won’t spill the beans, she said.

Though she feels like “I’ve been pregnant for nine years,” Driver says the baby is due in “six or seven weeks – but maybe sooner.”

Quipped fellow Kimmel show guest, Saturday Night Live regular Andy Samberg, as he gazed at the expanded Driver: “I’m confused by how attracted I am to you right now.”

Kimmel inquired if she’d been given baby showers and presents, and Driver said, “”I’ve got strollers coming out my bum … like, 24 strollers. Do you want one?’

“I don’t think I need one,” replied Kimmel, “but I’ll take it.”

Not mentioned on the show: Kimmel’s recent split with Sarah Silverman, after five years together – though Kimmel still signed off the show with his signature dig at her supposed boyfriend, Matt Damon.