Nicholas White
October 21, 2008 11:30 AM

As her daughter Ever turns 1, Milla Jovovich reveals that her child birth over Halloween was exceptionally difficult.

“I was in labor for 72 hours,” Jovovich tells PEOPLE at the Spike TV’s Scream 2008, in Hollywood over the weekend. “I was up for 48 hours, for two nights. I started Halloween night. By the time I went into the hospital, it was the night of November 2. I finally went into the hospital and had the epidural.”

Despite the ghoulish lack of rest, Jovovich, 32, says when Ever Gabo Anderson arrived, “all I wanted to do was just show her who her mom is, and talk to her.”

And now, comes the fun of planning baby’s first birthday!

“I’m the worst at planning stuff like that,” Jovovich, who is married to director Paul Anderson, says. “But for her party, I have to plan something. It will be pretty relaxed.”

Relaxed for mom, that is, as the Resident Evil actress attests, “too many people in the house [can be] too much” for Ever. “The fact is, I just have to bring her down after her nap and take some shots with the other kids, and send her away. She’ll just freak out.”

Jovovich jokes, “It’s really for me. It’s not for her. It’s for her memories so she doesn’t come back to me at 25 and like, ‘You didn’t celebrate my first birthday, and that’s why I hate you, mom! My life is totally screwed up because of it.’ ”

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