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Milla Jovovich Explains Her Baby's Name

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Milla Jovovich performed a little linguistic juggling act to come up with her newborn daughter Ever Gabo’s unusual name.

The actress, designer and model and her filmmaker fiancé Paul Anderson, who welcomed the baby on Nov. 3, combined their family histories to settle on the name, she writes on her blog.

“The name Ever is a Scottish boy’s name,” Jovovich explains. “Paul has Scottish blood in him (not to mention two tartans in his family!) so we wanted to give her a name that reflected her ‘Celtic’ roots.”

And the Gabo part? It’s “a mixture of my parents names!” she writes. “The first two letters are after my mom’s first name, Galina and the last two letters are after my dad’s first name Bogie!”

The new parents also posted a small photo of Ever on the blog. The baby shares her first name with at least one other celebrity, Ever Carradine, the actress daughter of Robert Carradine.

Anderson, 42, produced and wrote three Resident Evil movies which starred Jovovich, 31. They announced their engagement in March 2003, but have not yet announced a wedding date.