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Vanessa Diaz
June 29, 2008 12:30 PM

Marissa Jaret Winokur is counting down the days until the arrival of her son Zev, whose due date is July 22.

“I just want him to come,” the Tony-winning Hairspray star told PEOPLE at the Verizon Palm Centro launch party Thursday at L.A.’s Elevate Lounge. “I have to go out and do things because I’m just waiting for him to come.”

Winokur, a cervical-cancer survivor who’s having a surrogate carry her baby with TV-writer husband Judah Miller, says the situation has its share of strange moments.

“I’m constantly going through these weird emotions of like, ‘Oh my God, it’s like my best friend’s having a baby,’ ” she explains. “But then I think, ‘No, I’m having a baby.’ ” (Because Winokur had a hysterectomy, she is not able to become pregnant or carry a child.)

But the Dancing with the Stars star knew instantly when she met the surrogate that she was the one to deliver her child.

“She’s the coolest woman. Her energy is very much like mine. I feel like if we had met on the street, we would have been friends,” the actress explains. “She’ll be my baby’s godmother; she’s a part of my baby’s life forever. She’s in California, so it’s great.”

A Gingham-Filled Nursery

And though Winokur, 35, told PEOPLE several weeks ago that she was the "most ill-prepared parent on the planet," things are coming together in preparation for the arrival of little Zev (whose name means “wolf” in Hebrew).

Winokur reports that his nursery is complete. “We did it in a bamboo green and a mint green,” she says. “And then we did the Pottery Barn light-green gingham. The curtains haven’t come yet, but they’re yellow gingham with little green frogs. They’re so cute.”

The actress has also enlisted the help of the L.A.-based The Baby Planners. “They are like wedding planners, but for babies,” says Winokur. “They’ve hooked me up with the baby CPR class. They got me all the help I’m going to need.”

And Miller has been put to work, too. “My husband is home tonight putting together the changing table. We put the crib together. We have the dresser together,” she says. “I washed all the baby clothes and I was taking them out of the dryer and being like, ‘Oh my God, these are my baby’s clothes.’ It’s totally amazing. I just go and lie on the couch in my baby’s room and I think, ‘Yay, he’s coming.’ ”

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