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Jeff Nelson
October 25, 2016 09:05 PM

While Kris Allen initially expressed some concerns over how 3-year-old son Oliver Neil would react to sharing his parents with a new sibling, the toddler quickly took to his little sister Rosie.

“When Rosie was a week old, my wife [Katy] and I had some friends over,” Allen, 31, says in the new issue of PEOPLE. “They have a little girl, and she was going up to Rosie and touching her. So my son goes over there and says, ‘Don’t touch my little sister!’ He’s protective of her; he’s a good big brother.”

Allen and his wife welcomed their second child, Rose “Rosie” Elizabeth,” in June, and the American Idol alum has found raising a daughter is different.

“My son is my little buddy, but I want to keep him in line and make sure he becomes a man someday,” he says. With Rosie, “She’s just got me wrapped around her little finger.”

My little sidekick. He's got her back for sure.

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While Oliver and his little sister have seemingly become fast friends, they apparently don’t share musical preferences.

“When my son was little, I would play guitar around him, and he’d go, ‘Stop, Daddy, that’s too loud!’ ” says the singer, who will hit the road this winter for the Comfort & Joy Tour, on which he’ll sing tunes off his upcoming Somethin’ About Christmas album (due Nov. 4).

“But if I play Rosie a song, she calms down, and she smiles. She has a little bit more of a love for it.”

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