Alexia Fernandez
July 05, 2017 09:16 PM

It’s never too early to learn new things.

Hoda Kotb proved just that when she shared a hilarious photo of her 4-month-old daughter Haley Joy planking on Instagram.

The Today host spoke about the photo during a segment on Tuesday’s show, telling fellow host Kathie Lee Gifford that her daughter will “stay up there” for long periods of time.

“Haley did something that shocked me,” Kotb, 52, said before showing the photo on air. “I think it’ll shock you, too.”

It definitely shocked Gifford, who commented that Haley was “like a little Simone Biles.”

“Is that bizarre?” Kotb asked about her daughter’s talent. “She does that and just stays up there. What’s going on?”

In the Instagram caption, Kotb wrote a simple, “Haley planking! #plankingpumpkin xo.”

Since adopting her daughter, Kotb has been a proud mom, sharing photos frequently of her friends, many from the Today show, meeting her baby.

Kotb told PEOPLE in June that since her daughter’s arrival her life has changed completely.

“There’s a line of demarcation: before Haley and after Haley,” Kotb said. “Every day after Haley is better than every single day before.”

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She said she misses “nothing” about life before her daughter’s arrival.

“It’s funny because I thought I had the most perfect life, and then I realized after her I didn’t. I realized that this is infinitely better. Every single day is infinitely better than before she came.”

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