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Mark Dagostino
October 24, 2007 04:00 PM

Within hours of finishing her last day co-hosting The View Tuesday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck boarded a plane and made the temporary move to Arizona – where she plans to give birth and spend her maternity leave cheering for the Arizona Cardinals.

“Is it hectic? Is it stressful in my ninth month of pregnancy? Yes!” Hasselbeck told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “But is it all worth it? Without a doubt.”

Hasselbeck, 30, a long-time New Yorker and already a mom to Grace, 2, is a bit nervous about adjusting to the slow life in the Southwest. “Tim called and said, ‘The pace here is definitely not what you’re used to!’ They may need to restrain me,” says Hasselbeck, who’s still exercising on an elliptical machine daily to stay in shape. But she’s also thrilled that her maternity leave lined up with her quarterback husband’s season.

“For us to be able to all be together during my maternity leave? This is all just a blessing.”

Staying away from the The View might be the bigger challenge: “The show is a way of life. I’ll be sitting with Grace having ‘Hot Topics’ over cereal in the morning,” she laughs. “I told Barbara, ‘I have the number! You’ll be hearing from me!’ ”

Blogging About Baby

Hasselbeck, who has not learned the sex of her baby, has promised to share a picture of the newborn on The View shortly after she gives birth next month. And she’ll also share a photo on her brand new blog about motherhood on

“I was intimidated by the whole [blogging] process,” she admits, “But after doing my first one, I’m actually thankful to be marking this time in my life. And it’s a nice way for people to keep up with me.”

Hasselbeck plans to return to work Jan. 6. “But I’ve learned not to plan anything too well,” she laughs. “I planned to have the baby here in New York. So my plans apparently mean nothing!”

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