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Reagan Alexander
April 22, 2010 05:30 PM

They’re young, beautiful and madly in love. But when Dave Annable and Odette Yustman, who are two months into their engagement, start talking about wedding plans, they act like a couple that has already been married (happily!) for 40 years.

“Listen, I did the hard part,” the Brothers & Sisters star tells PEOPLE. “I’m there as long as she wants me there to make decisions, but I really don’t think that she wants me making too many decisions.”

And he may be right, though it’s not for a lack of effort. “Basically it’s been a series of yes or no questions,” Annable, 30, said at the Project A.L.S Benefit in Los Angeles Wednesday. “Can we have Chuck Liddell marry us? That was a ‘no.’ Can we get married on ice? That was a ‘no’ as well. It’s weird how she’s shooting down all of my ideas so quickly.”

Since Odette’s dream wedding doesn’t involve a skating rink or a freshly-ordained UFC minister, she’s willing to take on wedding-planning tasks one at a time.

“We definitely have gotten to the point where he’s like, ‘I proposed. I did it. That’s it for me. Now take over,’ ” says the actress, 24. “So tomorrow I’m going out to find the invitations, I’ve found my dress, and it’s going to be this year.”

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Is family planning going to be this easy?

“He’s ready and I’m ready as well,” Yustman says of parenthood. “If it happened, I’d be like, ‘Let’s go for it!’ But I also would like a year or two to travel and to get to know each other as a married couple. I hear that it’s so different once you’re husband and wife. It’s exciting and I want to live in that for a little bit. And then I’ll have as many kids as he wants.”

Which may turn out to be a tall order. Though Annable may have taken a comfortable back seat to the wedding planning, he has a specific idea of how his future brood should play out.

“I want a little hockey team,” he says. “I’m a little bit older than she is … I’m going grey, I wear cardigans now. It’s time, you know, I have the itch.”

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