Nicole Sands
May 11, 2017 02:15 PM

Arrow Eve is reporting for diaper duty — already!

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and his wife Aja Volkman welcomed twin girls Gia James and Coco Rae into the world on March 28, and their 4½-year-old older daughter is already becoming a little mommy to her newborn baby sisters.

“Every time I change a diaper, she’s like, ‘Dad, give it to me! I’ll go throw it away!’ She just wants to be the helper,” Reynolds, 29, told PEOPLE during the band’s concert live stream at YouTube Space in Los Angeles on Tuesday to promote their new album Evolve and upcoming tour.

“She’s incredible,” the proud dad added of Arrow.

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Reynolds Family

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The couple previously revealed to PEOPLE exclusively that Arrow has been “doting over her sisters. She keeps telling us that she will be the best babysitter for them, ‘even when they are all grandmas.’ ”

And while it’s been “intense, beautiful, wonderful, scary” at the same time for the whole family, Arrow is having a “hard” time assessing it all.

“This last week, I took her on a daddy-daughter day where we just went and stayed in a hotel together by ourselves, ate chocolate cake and watched Aladdin, and it was her and me, so I think that’s important,” Reynolds shares. “I definitely want her to feel like she’s still No. 1.”

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“She’s a great big sister,” he adds.

It looks like Reynolds needs to search no further for an on-the-road babysitter once the band embarks on their Evolve Tour, kicking off September 26 in Phoenix. After taking some much-needed time off to “connect with real life again,” the band is releasing their third album (due out June 23) — more of a “colorful” record, as opposed to Smoke + Mirrors, which was more “introverted.”

“I think this record was written after we had taken our first break as a band,” says Reynolds. “I think that’s significant because during that year off, we were able to go home, be with friends and family and do the things we used to do before the band kind of took us off in the world.”

“Which we were grateful for,” he insists, “but it was really healthy for us to go home for a little bit, especially for me.”

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“This record is very colorful,” he continues. “Lyrically, I was in a really healthy headspace writing it, and then sonically we wrote from a more minimalistic approach.”

And to their surprise, their latest single “Believer” instantly became a fan favorite. Spending six consecutive weeks at No. 1 at Alternative Radio, the song broke a 13-plus-year record for number of spins at the format.

“We felt [‘Believer’] bridged the gap between Smoke + Mirrors and Evolve because it captures the angst of Smoke + Mirrors — that dark value and powerful value — but it’s also very minimalistic, which this new record is,” Reynolds explains.

“It looks back upon those years, which, for me, that record cycle was a really hard, dark cycle for me,” he adds. “I was really depressed and now I’m in this great headspace and colorful space, and ‘Believer’ bridges that gap.”

Evolve is now available for pre-order from all participating digital retailers.

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