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Brooklyn Decker Wants to Adopt a Child with Special Needs

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Courtesy Flare

Brooklyn Decker and her husband, tennis pro Andy Roddick, have plans to start a family down the road – and it will include their own biological kids as well as adopted children, according to the model.

“I want to adopt a child or a baby with an intellectual disability one day,” Decker, 25, tells Canadian magazine Flare. “I mean, that’s in the distant future, but that s always been a goal of mine.”

Despite saying their plans are in the “distant future,” Decker’s made no secret of her desire to have children with Roddick, whom she wed in 2009. In 2010, she said she couldn’t wait to be "barefoot and pregnant".

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As far as her desire to adopt, Decker said she was inspired to do so by her aunt, a Special Olympics athlete.

“Unfortunately a lot of kids with intellectual disabilities are given up for adoption when they’re born ’cause it’s a lot for a family,” she told Flare.