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What Classic Film Should Brad and Angelina Remake?


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are teaming up again on screen.

The engaged parents of six have said that they plan to work together again, this time on a film written by Jolie. There’s no word on a title or possible subject matter, but hey, remakes are hot right now. Should they decide to take the do-over route, here are a few suggestions of classics that we would love to see remade, Brangelina style:

Bonnie and Clyde

A couple united by guns, money and sparkling banter. Just as fun as Mr. and Mrs. Smith – but with great 1930s fashions.

Beauty and the Beast

No, not the Disney cartoon; the live-action French version from 1946. Jolie’s already got her Oscar; maybe Pitt can get his by going the Charlize Theron in Monster route and hiding that pretty face behind some prosthetics. (Worked for Nicole Kidman, too.)

Adam’s Rib

The off-screen romance dynamic worked for Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in this film. Battle of the sexes in a courtroom? We’ve seen the sparks that fly when these two go toe-to-toe with each other.

Lethal Weapon

Why must these almost-spouses play romantic leads? Time to update a classic buddy movie. Her for the maverick cop played by Mel Gibson, and him for the veteran officer originated by Danny Glover.

Mary Poppins

They both know about raising kids – and Brad’s Irish accent in Guy Ritchie’s Snatch is proof he’s up to the task of a cockney twang required for the role of Burt the chimney sweep, made famous by Dick Van Dyke.

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