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Babypod! Expecting Mothers Can Play Music for Fetuses Using New Tampon-Like Device

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Finally, your baby can listen to Drake’s new album in the womb.

Officials at a Spanish gynecology clinic called Institut Marqués in Barcelona developed Babypod, a small device expecting mothers can insert into their vaginas – much like a tampon – so fetuses can clearly hear music, according to the Babypod website.

The sound intensity is 54 decibels, the equivalent of a “hushed tone.” The device plugs into the headphone jack on a smartphone, and there is another audio input on top of the Babypod connector for mothers who wish to listen to the music as well, according to the site.

The speaker-like device is an outcome of the institute’s study that showed fetuses can detect and even physically respond to sound once they reach 18 weeks, The New York Times Live reports.

And according to the Babypod website, the study found that playing music vaginally is far more effective, because babies generally hear only muffled sounds through the abdomen.

How to use Babypod
“Eighty-seven percent of babies react to music streamed vaginally with body and head movements,” the site states. “In addition, they open and close their mouths, stick out their tongues and gesticulate. It is a discovery never seen before.”

And it seems like users are pleased with the product.

One Babypod customer wrote on the site: “Exciting and beautiful. For me it has meant the first bonding with my baby. With the music the baby seemed to be dancing, moving arms, legs and head. Marvellous.”

The clinic recently posted a YouTube video of Spanish singer Soraya giving “the first concert for fetuses ever held in the world.”

In the video, several women are seen with chords from the Babypods stretching from their clothing to a smartphone.

The Babypod app, available for Android smartphones, allows users to listen to free music and record messages, in place of playing their own music.