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March 09, 2014 03:40 PM

It would be another three decades before he would take home an Oscar, but Matthew McConaughey already had serious star power as a teen in small-town Texas.

“He was always so good looking and he was always a standout,” Adrian Harris Forman, a former classmate at Longview High School in east Texas, tells PEOPLE.

Voted “Most Handsome,” the athletic, charismatic teenager “was always the cutest guy, and there were a lot of cute guys in Texas,” says Forman, director of development at Family-to-Family.

“We were all in Cotillion together and we would take ballroom dancing. The boys would have to wear a jacket and tie and they had to learn how to ask a woman to dance. Matthew was always so charming.”

But he had more than just good looks going for him: popular among his peers, “he always loved hanging out and was a fun guy to be around,” says Forman, noting that he also excelled on an academically advanced track.

McConaughey’s natural charm echoed that of his mom (and future Oscar date!) Kay, now 82, a school teacher.

Matthew McConaughey at the prom
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“She was tall, beautiful and tan and had a big laugh that was completely infectious,” recalls Forman, who had Mrs. McConaughey as a Sunday school teacher. “She was like a wild orchid in a field of daisies. All the young girls adored her. And Matthew looks just like her!”

Although he had not yet coined his signature “Just Keep Livin’ ” attitude, it was clearly in the formative stages even during high school.

“I remember once we had a huge shaving cream fight with Barbasol shaving cream,” says Forman. “He loved to have fun.”

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