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Brian Orloff
January 23, 2010 10:00 PM

Sure, it was an auspicious night for many actors – including Sandra Bullock and the cast of Glee – who took top honors at Saturday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. But the night was also full of hilarious, off-the-cuff moments from the laid-back awards show, which finds the nominated actors casually sitting at banquet tables with plenty of food – and drinks.

Here are five of our favorite moments from the SAG Awards:

Drew’s Sickly Sweet Acceptance Speech

Was it something she ate? An overwhelmed Drew Barrymore admitted to feeling a little ill while accepting her outstanding actor in a miniseries or television movie award for Grey Gardens. “Right now I feel really sick and nervous,” she said in a speech punctuated by pauses and lots of ‘ums.’ “And that is a good thing because when you feel that way, I think you’re on a good path – at least in a professional sense.” The actress also noted she wasn’t the best extemporaneous speaker. “Improv is usually a good thing and it’s backfiring on me very badly right now,” she said. “I want to speak from my heart and spontaneously and it’s not going well.”

Felicity Is Short Sighted

Good thing Alec Baldwin was there! While announcing the nominees for outstanding actor in a drama series, Felicity Huffman couldn’t read the teleprompter. Why? She wasn’t wearing her glasses. “You’re going to have to click up the type because I can’t see that,” the squinting actress said. “I don’t have my glasses on [I’m] not going to be able to do it.”

Sherri Loves Michael Jackson

Sherri Shepherd had everyone cracking up when she professed her love for the late Michael Jackson during the traditional “I’m an Actor” introductions that open the telecast. Detailing how she’d camp outside of the pop star’s L.A. compound and imagine they were married, the View host – and Precious star – confessed to the crowd, “As husband and wife I never pictured us having sex. We just wore matching gloves.”

Mo’Nique Goes on a Kissing Spree

Before collecting her outstanding supporting actor in a drama award, Mo’Nique spread the love around the Shrine Auditorium. En route to the stage, the actress kissed her costar Aunt Dot, best supporting actor winner Christoph Waltz and, saving the best for last, planted a big smooch on Morgan Freeman’s cheek, who was ready and waiting for her with her Actor award.

Jeff Bridges Won’t Wrap It Up

A clearly gracious Jeff Bridges wasn’t ready to leave the stage while accepting his best actor in a drama award for Crazy Heart at the end of Saturday’s telecast. “Please wrap it up? Oh man!” the actor exclaimed midway through his speech. Luckily, Meryl Streep had his back, telling the actor, “Don’t listen to it,” which, well, he didn’t – at least for another minute or two.

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