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The 10 Best GIFs of the 2014 SAG Awards

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Michael Buckner/WireImage(2)

Ah, GIFs. What better way to relive our favorite one-or-two-second moments from broadcasts that just happened? If you’ve ever wanted a looped image of Jared Leto staring intensely into your eyes (and who hasn’t?), you’ve come to the right place.

Lupita Nyong’o continues to fall somewhere between “real-life Muppet” and “GIF of kitten falling asleep” on the adorable scale.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how difficult SAG Award envelopes are to open, apparently the answer is “very.” Thanks, Jennifer Lawrence!

Cuba Gooding Jr., making sure we keep everything in perspective. Happy MLK weekend!

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas proving that they should probably just get an apartment in Brooklyn together and hang out, all the time.

Helen Mirren may have started the first big awards season debate of 2014: Who’s the sexier anthropomorphic acting award, the SAG Award or the Oscar?

Rita Moreno, shortly after dropping an “F-bomb” in her acceptance speech. #sorrynotsorry.

Cate Blanchett chastised a red carpet cameraman for his choice of shooting angle for her, and became our hero. Later in the evening, she got a little feisty when being told to “wrap it up” during her acceptance speech, saying, “Matthew McConaughey spoke about Neptune, I think I can have five seconds.” Then she did this.

Jared Leto‘s gaze is intense and inescapable. Bow to him.

Bryan Cranston is the one who sings. (Well, one of the ones who sing.)

Emma Thompson continued to rule … well, everything. She is our awards season spirit animal.

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