Courtesy Pitbull
Nate Jones
November 26, 2013 03:00 PM

Of the many charming things about Pitbull, perhaps the most charming is his ability to have a blast wherever he goes. A beach party? A weird roof? The set of Men in Black III? All are made just a little more fun with Pitbull’s goofy grin.

Fresh off his successful night hosting the American Music Awards, Pitbull took to his Facebook page to premiere the new video for his Ke$ha collaboration “Timber.” Fitting the song’s country-western vibe, the video finds Mr. Worldwide living it up in a classic Southern honky-tonk along with Ke$ha, a Nashville native.

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Pitbull also spends time on a beach in a suit, because he is Pitbull and is contractually obligated to appear on a beach in a suit in every single one of his videos. Never change, Pit.

We only have two complaints: We get that they are busy people, but why don’t Pitbull and Ke$ha actually ever appear onscreen together? And also, this video needs about 300 more shots of Pitbull line-dancing. Release a director’s cut, Armando. For us.

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