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Tim Nudd
February 11, 2011 07:00 AM

Jennifer Lawrence has to change her Oscar-night ritual this year – from having a quiet night in with a plate of pasta to a big night out as a Best Actress nominee.

“Me and my friend Laura have a tradition where we eat linguini and watch. This is the first year I’m going to miss it,” the actress, 20, said Monday at the annual Oscar nominees’ luncheon in Beverly Hills.

Life is changing in countless ways for Lawrence, the breakout star of Winter’s Bone. Mostly, says she, she’s just getting less sleep.

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“My life was a little more boring, and I slept in more,” she says of herself a year ago. Now, she’s “busier with less sleep, but happy!”

The whole fame thing still feels unfamiliar, too. “It’s kind of hard when you are on the outside of it, because I don’t assume that anyone has seen or recognized me in the movie until they tell me,” Lawrence says.

She says she feels blessed that Winter’s Bone has gotten so much attention – something she didn’t expect. “I cried when we got into Sundance because I thought maybe five or six people would see it,” she says. “Everything that has happened after making it has surpassed every expectation possible.”

Reporting by MICHELLE WARD

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