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Alex Heigl
March 02, 2014 01:45 PM

Cate Blanchett‘s searing Blue Jasmine performance may have placed her at the front of the line for the Best Actress Oscar, but it seems she failed to make a fan of the film’s costume designer.

Picking up a best actress award at Saturday’s Independent Spirit Awards for her role as Jasmine, a socialite gone bankrupt thanks to her felonious husband, Blanchett was asked about Blue Jasmine‘s appeal to both indie and mainstream audiences.

“[Woody Allen] constantly does that with his films, she said, also noting, “He always works on a shoestring.”

For instance, “That Birkin that I was carrying was worth more than [designer] Suzy Benzinger s entire costume budget, and I kept throwing it on the ground. She was having conniptions as I was doing it.”

Blanchett continued. “I love the process with the costume designer of charting your character’s journey through [fashion].”

During her acceptance speech at the Audi and Dark Horse Wine-sponsored Indie Awards event Saturday, Blanchett also said Blue Jasmine “proves that audiences are interested in stories led by women, and that they can in fact make money.”

With reporting by GABRIELLE OLYA

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