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Beats, Bears and the Battle for Emmy: The Most Important Things on the Internet

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John Warden/Getty; Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

While the world waits for the royal baby, the Internet chugged along, offering up commentary on Emmy nominees (and snubs!) as well as some heart-warming (and stomach-turning) stories.

Keep reading for what kept people clicking this week.

Emmy Nominations Were Announced, Leading Many to Cry that Scandal Was Snubbed for Best Drama.
Olivia Pope is already on it.

Web Cam Shows Bears Fishing for Salmon.
Mostly they’re just waiting around for something to happen. Much like every reporter camped out in front of Kate’s hospital.

Internet Hijacks Contest so 39-Year Old Man Can Meet Taylor Swift
Her probable reaction when he walks in:

The Internet Also Arranged a Pizza Party for a Young Girl with Cancer.
Proving the Internet isn’t all middle-aged men who want to smell Taylor Swift’s hair.

World’s Fastest Drummer Breaks Guinness World Record with 1,208 strokes in 60 Seconds.
That’s more than 20 strokes a second. The line forms to the left, ladies.