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Austin Mahone: Not Being Able to Sing Was 'Torture'

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Austin Mahone is belting it out every chance he gets after a blood clot and inflamed throat put him in the hospital and prevented him from singing for three weeks.

“I feel great. I feel a hundred percent better. I m just ready to get on the stage and start performing again,” Mahone, 17, told PEOPLE’s Raha Lewis at the American Music Awards.

“You know, I sing every day and when I had strep throat and I had that blood clot I couldn’t sing at all for like, three weeks straight. It was torture,” he says.

While he was ill, Mahone posted an Instagram photo of himself looking tired in a hospital gown with the caption, “I’ve never felt so bad.”

But now that he’s feeling well, Mahone couldn’t help celebrating his health with a riff of “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson, singing “If this town, is just an apple, then let me take a bite.”