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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: First Emmy, Then Honeymoon

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Frazer Harrison/Getty

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer may have just tied the knot, but they aren’t planning a honeymoon – yet.

“Hopefully soon,” Paquin, 28, told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards about honeymoon plans. (First, the True Blood costars have an Emmy to present.)

Work didn’t prevent them from reminiscing about their recent nuptials, though. “It was lovely,” Moyer said of the ceremony, which, he joked, they shared with “a few thousand friends and family.”

“It was a great day,” Moyer, 40, said seriously. “Just, it couldn’t have been better.”

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So, how did Moyer know that his new bride was the one? “It felt right,” he said. “When I was away, it felt wrong It was just obvious.”

The two were also happy to dish on their recent racy Rolling Stone cover. In it, the two pose nude (and covered in blood) with costar Alexander Skarsgard.

“My leg’s covering [Skarsgard’s] bits. My hand’s covering [Moyer’s] bits and [Moyer’s] hand’s covering one of my bits,” Paquin said. “There were certain things that needed to be covered, otherwise [the magazine] would have to be sold in a different venue.”