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Angelina Jolie Is Just Like Her Mom

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Angelina Jolie likes to please her fans, but respect from her peers is just as important, she says.

“It means a great deal,” the actress told PEOPLE Sunday night of the SAG Awards, “especially because it is the people you respect and your fellow actors. You know they really understand your work when they watch it. They don’t look at it just as a movie. They understand the technique behind performance.”

Jolie was nominated for her leading role performance in Changeling, but Meryl Streep took home the Actor for Doubt.

The actress has an almost wistful devotion to her Screen Actors Guild card, she adds, because of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away two years ago from ovarian cancer.

“My mother was an actress and didn’t get to have a big career, but she was so proud to be a member of SAG and so proud of her card and her union.”

As a young actress starting out, she recalls, “I was so happy when I finally got my card!”

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