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Dahvi Shira
February 14, 2012 05:45 PM

Adele swept Sunday’s Grammy Awards with six gramophones, but her big win isn’t inspiring her to rush back into the studio.

“I am f–––––– off for four or five years,” she tells Vogue in its March issue.

“If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record and be in love and be happy … I won’t come out with new music until it’s better than 21.”

The current love Adele, 23, refers to is former investment banker Simon Konecki, 37.

“He’s wonderful,” she gushes of her beau, CEO of charity Drop4Drop. “And he’s proud of me, but he [doesn’t] care about what I do or what other people think. He looks after me. I don’t think I would have gotten through the recovery for my surgery if it hadn’t been for him.”

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And luckily for Konecki, the songstress boasts that she’s “wifey material.”

“I am attentive,” she says. “I will do anything for my man. I am a good cook. I’m funny.”

And most importantly, she adds, “[I] always want to have sex. Most girls don’t!”

The Adele people know through her music is somber, but she says she’s actually quite upbeat and optimistic, refusing to let fans hear her sad side anymore.

“I’m never writing a breakup record again, by the way,” she tells the magazine. “I’m done with being a bitter witch.”

Along with putting away her broomstick, she’s also at a point where she doesn’t necessarily forgive the ex who inspired 21 – but she acknowledges she’s grateful for the experience she had with him.

“He was amazing,” she says. “He was great. But it was never going to work. And for ages, I was like, ‘As if he deserves any f–––––– kudos for inspiring my record.’ But now, after some time, it only seems right that the person who so far has had the biggest impact on me – has now changed my life for f–––––– ever with this album – deserves a little credit.”

Without him, she says, “I think I’d still be that little girl I was when I was 18 … I now know what I want for myself and from someone else. I didn’t know what I wanted before.”

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