Courtesy A Liver for Sage
Tiare Dunlap
June 23, 2015 02:25 PM

When 5-year-old Sage Baker needed a liver transplant, it was a stranger who came to the rescue.

Molly Bricker, a law student at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, had never met Baker when she decided to donate part of her liver to the young girl.

Sage was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at just six months old, 13News Now reports. Extensive treatments damaged her liver and a stem cell transplant changed her blood type – making her family no longer a match.

In December 2014, Bricker – who had lost her father to cancer earlier that year – saw a news story on Sage’s need for a donor and decided to take action.

“I really just felt the Lord telling me to do it,” Bricker told the news station. “That genuinely is the only explanation I have for it.”

After medical testing, it was determined that Bricker was a match and she moved to the top of the donor list. The student had been offered a paid legal summer internship but turned it down so she could prepare for the surgery and recovery time .

“How could I turn down this opportunity to donate my liver when, against all odds, they were calling me saying I looked like a good match?” she wrote in a Facebook post. “It was the strongest conviction I ve ever felt.”

The June 4 surgery was a success – Sage and her family are staying near the hospital to ensure there are no complications.

“We can’t thank Molly Bricker enough for saving Sage’s life,” Sage’s family wrote on Facebook. We all know she didn’t have much time left without the transplant. Thank you so much for giving my baby girl a second chance at life Molly!”

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