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March 14, 2005 12:00 PM

What did Jamie Foxx mean when he started his Best Actor acceptance speech with “I guess we’ve got to do it again”?

The Ray star was channeling his favorite singer by leading the audience in a quick sing-along (to Ray Charles’s “What’d I Say”), a riff Foxx had done earlier this year after accepting trophies at both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards. Diligent Foxx observers would have recognized a lot of familiar themes in the actor’s Oscar speech, such as thanking Ray director Taylor Hackford (“You took a chance, man” on the movie—he used similar wording at both the Globes and SAG) and tearfully paying homage to his grandmother Estelle, whom he acknowledged at the Globes as well.

Cate Blanchett‘s son and Martin Scorsese’s daughter: a real-life couple?

Not exactly. As she accepted her award for Best Supporting Actress, Blanchett thanked Martin Scorsese, adding, “I hope my son will marry your daughter.” In fact, her Aviator director “has a very beautiful girl [5-year-old Francesca],” says Blanchett, whose son Dashiell John is 3, “and I think the two of them fell in love at Disneyland [when the two families recently visited the theme park]. I certainly hope there is nothing there yet,” says Blanchett, laughing. “They are too young!”

After winning the Best Original Song Oscar for “Al Otro Lado Del Rio” from The Motorcycle Diaries, Jorge Drexler sang part of his winning ballad rather than give a speech. Why?

Earlier in the week, when the show’s organizers announced that Antonio Banderas (backed by Carlos Santana) would sing the piece, a peeved Drexler, who had wanted to perform it himself, told the Los Angeles Times: “It grieves me…. I have no concept of ratings or marketing, and the people who make those decisions speak a different language than I do.” Which is why Drexler made the most of his opportunity after winning. “I really wanted to sing my song,” says Drexler. “Although I had the greatest support of Antonio Banderas, I wanted to give my version too.”

Sean Penn vs. Chris Rock: Real feud or just playfighting?

After Rock took a jab at Jude Law during his opening monologue (“Who is Jude Law? Why is he in every movie I have seen in the last four years?”), a dour Penn took the stage and responded, “To answer our host’s question, [Jude Law] is one of our finest actors.” Later, Rock defended his original gag: “Jude Law probably made a skillion dollars this year. I’d never hit a person that’s down.” Besides, says the host, everything turned out hunky-dory. “I just hugged Sean,” says Rock. “He said because he’s working with Jude in a movie right now [a remake of All the King’s Men, due out next December] he felt the need to [stand up for him]. It was kind of funny.”

As he accepted his award for Best Actor, Jamie Foxx thanked Oprah Winfrey for introducing him to Sidney Poitier. When did that meeting happen?

It was at a party for Poitier that Winfrey threw the week before. Foxx says when he met the 78-year-old screen legend, Poitier reminded him of his duties as a role model. “He had seen my speeches,” says Foxx. “And he was like, I’ve listened to you talk. I know what you say. But I’m giving you responsibility for your art.’ And that was the main thing that he said. Be responsible for your work.”

Who was that giant woman giving out Oscars onstage?

Meet Amy Mueller, 28, one of three trophy models—yes, that’s what they’re called—who escorted winners and presenters off the stage during the telecast. “I’m 6 feet tall without shoes, and we were wearing 2 ½-inch heels,” says Mueller. “So I wasn’t too shocked to feel like an amazon woman up there.” Although her two fellow models were equally as statuesque, Mueller, a Dallas native who once dated Jay McGraw, Dr. Phil’s son (“We’re still friends; we just grew apart”), stood out because she was often paired with some of the more diminutive celebs, including the 5’8″ Robin Williams and the 5’4″ Prince. Recalls Mueller: “Prince had on heels and he was still so small.”

Did Beyoncé have to learn French to sing the Oscar nominated “Look to Your Path (Vois Sur Ton Chemin)” from The Chorus?

As the singer might say, “Je ne parle pas francais“—that is, if she spoke French. According to her rep, Beyoncé doesn’t know the language—she simply memorized the song’s lyrics.

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