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Young Guns

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If you’ve never been to a Luke Bryan show, you haven’t seen all of his talents. He’s not just a singer-songwriter; the man also knows how to shake his country butt. “I just get up there and have a good time,” says the married father of two from Leesburg, Ga. “The girls do scream a little bit and seem to like it, and that just feeds the fire.” But keeping the girls screaming means making some sacrifices. “Looking good helps the cause if you’re trying to be a superstar. It’s like, my mama thinks George Strait is the best-looking man to ever walk the earth-it’s all part of it,” says Bryan, 35. “So I’m watching the beer intake more and more. I couldn’t pull off the dancing with a big ol’ beer belly. It’d be a little more Larry the Cable Guy.”


The singer works out five days a week and plays hockey to keep in shape for the stage, but he also makes sure to focus on his home life with the same intensity. “I love rocking the stage as hard as possible and then going home to my girls,” says the Phoenix native, 37, of wife Cassidy and daughters Evie, 3, and Jordan, 15 months. He also checks any superstar ego at the door. “Hours after a show, Evie’s putting nail polish on my toes. I mean, definitely not cool, but that’s rock-and-roll Dad. That’s who I am, and I love it.” Though sometimes it does catch up with him. “I was playing in San Diego and had flip-flops on. The guys were all laughing at me, and I was like, ‘What?!’ So I look down-I had pink toenails!”


The single Murfreesboro, Tenn., native might have his career all mapped out, but when it comes to love, he prefers a more spontaneous approach. “I have a five-year plan for music, but falling in love is so organic, you can’t predict it,” says Young, 26. So what’s he looking for in the future Mrs. Young? “First, ‘Mrs. Young’ scares the crap out of me! But I want somebody who likes to live spur of the moment and somebody who can make me laugh-that’s huge.” And while a sense of humor is important, a little decorum also goes a long way. “Somebody slingshot their thong onto the stage the other day. She tied a rubber band around the corner and launched it from far away,” says Young. “That was cool and original, but also kind of gross!”