Beth Perry/Los Angeles
September 22, 2008 12:00 PM

Callum Lyon

July 25

8 lbs., 6 oz.

His father plays meticulous dentist Orson Hodge on Desperate Housewives, which might explain why little Callum Lyon MacLachlan already seems drawn to medical equipment. Just moments after entering the world July 25 in Los Angeles, “he grabbed one of the clamps the doctor was using for the umbilical cord,” Kyle MacLachlan says of his first child with Desiree Gruber, his wife of six years. “He had it in his little hand for a second. We think maybe he wants to be a doctor.”

Named from a baby book (his middle name comes from Gruber’s maternal grandfather), Callum has settled down considerably since his arrival. “He’s very calm—he’s not an obsessive crier,” says the hands-on actor, 49, who dances around while holding the baby to help him to burp. “He has a thoughtful, Zen-like presence.”

The road to pregnancy was not without a few bumps for the couple, as Gruber suffered miscarriages and was diagnosed with thrombophilia, a condition that increases the risk of blood clots. While trying to conceive, she had to give herself injections of a blood thinner each day. But, the new parents agree, it was all worth the babbling, cooing end result.

“There are times when we’re standing over his crib staring at him, waiting for him to wake up,” says Gruber, 41, an executive producer on Bravo’s Project Runway. MacLachlan is certainly enjoying the view. “It’s almost like a new channel opens up,” says the actor, who returned to shooting Housewives in July. “You’re looking at him going, ‘Wow, this is something we created. This is life.’ It’s so perfect.”

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