Michelle Tauber
May 08, 2006 12:00 PM

He’s a two-time Sexiest Man Alive. She’s the world’s Most Beautiful woman. Together they are building a multicultural brood that transcends continents and boasts the two cutest kids ever to sport a Mohawk and a kerchief. Is it any wonder, then, that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—who await the arrival of their first child together any moment now—preside over what might only be deemed the World’s Most Beautiful Family? One look at these pictures, which were taken in the African nation of Namibia—a locale Pitt recently described as “a country we’re very fond of … a beautiful land and hospitable people and a place that we want to be for the time being”—and, well, even the windswept splendor of the sub-Saharan desert can’t upstage this family’s combined gene pool. As Beowulf producer Steve Starkey puts it, “It’s perfection of nature. You can’t help but ask, ‘How can there be this much perfection in one place?'”

Putting that ample external perfection to work, Jolie and Pitt have leveraged it into something else. (So seriously do they take their humanitarian work that the couple even employ an adviser, Trevor Neilson, to help guide their philanthropic efforts.) And in making do-gooding every bit as chic as they are, the couple are forging a new brand of beauty. “Her face says it all to me. It makes it very, very personal,” Jolie said last fall of daughter Zahara, who was orphaned by AIDS and helped prompt the actress to lobby Capitol Hill on behalf of other AIDS orphans. “With my kids, this is what I’m going to work for.”

Whether crisscrossing the planet on relief missions—baby-to-be Jolie-Pitt has already journeyed to nine countries!—or treating Maddox and Zahara to a trip to a Paris fairground, Pitt and Jolie seem to have found their joint purpose. Meanwhile, plans to continue expanding their family—Jolie has frequently spoken of her desire to adopt again and to raise her children as “citizens of the world”—can only mean one thing: global beauty domination is but a matter of time.

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