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Work It, Girl!

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Estimated cost of Campbell’s outfit, including Ralph Lauren coat


Monthly salary of an entry-level Department of Sanitation employee

Sure, a judge could sentence Naomi Campbell to five days community service for throwing a BlackBerry at her then-housekeeper last March. He could even have her serve the time by cleaning floors at the New York City Department of Sanitation. There was, however, one thing he could not do: make her appear unstylish. On March 19, wearing some of the very labels she has modeled for (like Ralph Lauren and Chanel), Campbell strutted her way into a DOS garage and—after pausing to swap her $1,500 Christian Louboutin stiletto boots for more practical combat boots—spent her first day “just cleaning up the place like everybody else,” says a coworker. On breaks, she chatted with the rest of the crew and at lunch joined them for Spanish takeout. “Naomi is doing great,” says her rep. “She has been ready to start and complete her service and will do it to the best of her ability.”