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November 16, 1987 12:00 PM

[Two Thumbs Down]
Vittadini thought Designing Women’s Delta Burke seemed to be “losing” her “costume-y” Spanish dancer outfit. The ensemble would have drawn more groans, but obviously, as Scaasi puts it, “she has a good time wearing this.”

[Four Thumbs Down]
“Jane Fonda, how could you?” muses a disappointed Vittadini, baffled by what Janowitz calls “a benefit committee dress.” Besides being stodgy, notes Scaasi, “it detracts from the sensational body she works so hard to get.” “She should have a much simpler dress,” Cassini observes, as tactfully as he can. Adds a blunt Ford: “This dress does everything wrong for her.” Perhaps she’s spent too much time wearing exercise leotards.

[Four Thumbs Down]
Prince Andrew puts up with a lot on the fashion front, but this gown of Fergie’s seems to be the last straw—even for him. “Dreadful,” says Ford. “The band at the hips emphasizes what she doesn’t want to emphasize,” says Scaasi. “This is so terrible I sort of like it,” adds Janowitz. “It’s like a dust ruffle.” Cassini calls her “a pretty girl who has to be understood. I don’t know about draping her around the hips; she’s not small there. I would dress her quite differently.” (P.S. to Andy: Your jacket could use another inch.)

[Three Thumbs Down]
Scaasi found Angie Dickinson “a big mess.” To Janowitz, “her shoulders are covered with seaweed, and we can see she has breasts. It’s way too much stuff.” Cassini considers Dickinson “a genetic marvel. It’s sexy, but why not, if you’ve got the body?” And she does.

[Four Thumbs Down]
“Scary,” says Scaasi, of One Life to Live’s Andrea Evans, who appeared to one judge to have “two lampshades on her arms.” Says Janowitz: “It’s supposed to be like Mae West, but she’s too kittenish for it.” Notes Cassini: “She makes a common mistake girls with great bodies. She thinks she’s showing it, but she’s hiding it.” Well, at least some of it.

[Four Thumbs Down]
In toreador pants and a negligee top, Night Court’s Markie Post must have heard hoots all night. “Terrible,” says Vittadini. But Cassini applauds her nerve: “I give her points for drawing attention to herself.”

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