People Staff
June 02, 2003 12:00 PM

Adrian and Neil Rayment wreak havoc in The Matrix Reloaded, but they’re a menace in the real world too. When the twins were making home movies at 14, Neil launched himself off the dining room table, head-butting and smashing a pricey lampshade. “He did a really good job on it,” says mom Margaret. “It wasn’t the first or the last thing they broke.”

Indeed, the British brothers, 35, butt a few more heads as Reloaded’s ghostly, razor-wielding Twins. The Shotokan karate instructors—best known as the Handy Hunks on the Brit do-it-yourself TV show Better Homes—”are goofy blokes,” says Laurence Fishburne, Matrix’s Morpheus. “But the minute the cameras were rolling, they were all business.”

Raised in southeast England, the twins started judo at 8 and briefly pursued different paths—Neil studied silversmithing; Adrian apprenticed as an ornamental furniture designer—before joining forces. Required to maintain a ghostly pallor during Reloaded’s Australia shoot, “we were sitting on Bondi Beach with [SPF] 30 and beanies on,” says Neil. Adds Adrian: “It was very hurtful to my manhood.”

The Rayments, who both live in London and have girlfriends, hope to get a big career boost from Reloaded, but first they want to stop dressing alike at premieres. Says Adrian: “Everyone goes ‘Aw, sweet,’ and we’re thinking, ‘we didn’t do this on purpose! Remember to phone me before you come out!’ ”

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