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Where Celebrity Love Gets a Complete Checkup

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Salma’s Joshing

Apparently the pause that refreshes is named JOSH LUCAS. On Aug. 18 the 32-year-old Sweet Home Alabama star showed up on the set of a Coke commercial that SALMA HAYEK, recently split from actor ED NORTON, was shooting in L.A. (below). The two held hands, strolled off the set during a break and eventually disappeared into the 36-year-old actress’s trailer. Three nights earlier the couple popped up at a local gallery for a show of the arty furniture designed by her brother Sami.

Law & Order

After months of rumors, the six-year union of British actor JUDE LAW, 30, and actress SADIE FROST, 38, is over: She filed divorce Aug. 14 in London, hours after a shouting match at their home drew the police (the second such incident since June). Law said he hopes the finale will be “trouble-free” for their three kids. Frost, who was hospitalized with depression after the birth of their youngest, Rudy, 11 months, lately has brightened with a beau she met through Kate Moss: JACKSON SCOTT, 22, a music student whose folks own a hotel in Spain.

Chilli Times for Usher?

No, no, says TLC singer CHILLI, 32, to rumors that she and R&B star USHER, 24, have broken up after two-plus years. (And she just laughs, baffled, when told that her label’s publicist actually confirmed the talk.) “Usher,” she says, “is my baby.”

Renée Is with the Band

She’ll sacrifice her figure to gain weight for the Bridget Jones sequel, but RENNE ZELLWEGER, 34, is giving her heart to rock and roll: She’s been turning up all over with white stripes singer JACK WHITE, 28, watching him on tour in San Francisco and strolling with him in Manhattan (right), where he recently finished shooting a video. And her future movie projects include playing rock icon Janis Joplin.