Jennifer Wulff and Marisa Wong
December 11, 2006 12:00 PM


The Apprentice

If Omarosa Manigault, the aspiring dragon lady from the first season of The Apprentice, looks a little different these days, it’s thanks to a makeover she got for a special on the Discovery Health channel that will air in January. “I just wanted cleavage,” says Omarosa, 32, who went from an A cup to a full C by getting breast implants. Now running a short-film production company in L.A., Omarosa, who went on to cause trouble on The Surreal Life and Fear Factor, has been changing her image in other ways too. This summer she went to Africa on a humanitarian mission and recently returned from Haiti, where she helped rebuild schools in Milot. So does this mean she no longer prides herself on being a TV villain? “I’m in a better space now,” says Omarosa, who is dating “an amazing guy” following her 2005 divorce. “I’ve found my true calling in life.”


The Bachelorette

“I want to be a mom!” says Trista Sutter. She and her husband, Ryan, who met on The Bachelorette in 2002 and married on an ABC special in 2003, have been trying to conceive a child for a year and a half, but “my theory is that it will happen when it’s supposed to, so I’m not stressed out about it,” says Trista. “And I’ve met my Prince Charming, so half the battle is won!” Living in Vail, Colo., with dogs Tank (below) and Natasha, Trista, 34, is a VP designer for B’s Purses. She a nd Ryan, 32, are also busy promoting his shopping Web site, which partners with eco-charities, called But for the next few weeks Ryan will be mountain-climbing in Argentina. “I just ordered an iSight camera for my computer, so I can talk [face-to-face”] to Trista from 23,000 feet,” says Ryan. “It’s not going to be easy with him away,” says Trista. “I love our life. We would just love to add a baby into the mix soon.”


Survivor: All-Stars and The Amazing Race

As the top two finishers on Survivor: All-Stars in 2004 (Amber won) and the second-place finishers on The Amazing Race 7, Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich made one strong alliance. Now married (their 2005 wedding aired on CBS), the two find that teamwork is still a big part of their relationship. “I do all the cooking; she does the laundry,” says Rob, 30. “I do the yard work,” adds Amber, 28. “And he does the bills.”

The couple now live in Las Vegas and will be on TV again in January, with their Fox Reality show Rob and Amber: Against the Odds. The series will follow Rob as he tries to make it in the professional poker world, and Amber as she tries very hard to stand by her man. “Amber supports me 100 percent,” says Rob. “But I think she’s terrified of the notion of me going totally broke.”


The Amazing Race

Ever since charming viewers on the way to winning Race’s $1 million prize last year, Uchenna and Joyce Agu are still up for any adventure—whether it’s hitting a party at the Playboy Mansion or skydiving in Napa Valley for Uchenna’s 42nd birthday. “The past year has been amazing,” says Joyce, 46. “All the things you read in magazines and see on TV are things that have become our life.”

The couple, who shuttle between homes in Houston and L.A. (where Joyce is pursuing the acting career she had put on hold), are also hoping to hit it big with a few real estate partners in a $36 million 88-townhouse complex they’re building along the Gulf Coast of Texas. “We’re trying to live boldly,” says Uchenna. “A lot of people get to their 40s, 50s, 60s and never open their book of dreams.”

Their own biggest dream? Adding a little one to their family. In vitro fertilization treatments haven’t been successful, so the couple are now looking into adoption. “There’s a happy ending either way,” says Uchenna. “It’s about parenting, not necessarily birthing. It’s really about influencing someone else’s life.”


Survivor: The Australian Outback

Play with fire and, sure enough, “you get burned once in a while,” says former Survivor vixen Jerri Manthey, who has a fire-spinning/singing act that she performs with a blues improv band at a club in Santa Monica every Wednesday. “But it’s just like a coffee or a pizza burn; it’s not too bad.” Since appearing on Survivor’s second season in 2001, Manthey, 36, has also done some acting (she won a lead-actress prize in July at the Action on Film festival for her role in the indie short flick Widowmaker). Still, “it’s time to explore new avenues,” she says. Starting in February, she’s taking a 30-week culinary course at Hollywood’s Kitchen Academy in hopes of becoming a personal chef. She’s already well on her way, with a stuffed-mushroom recipe that “has made every ex-boyfriend still call me,” she says. “I have to use that power wisely!” As for her present love life, “I go through men like Kleenex. It’s ridiculous,” she says. “But I’m on the quest to find the perfect guy. Until I find him, I’m not settling.”


American Idol

Okay, so he hasn’t quite hit it as big as fellow American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, but Justin Guarini, who lost to Kelly Clarkson in the first season of Idol in 2002, is still thrilled at how many doors the show has opened for him. “To be able to go around the country and keep making music,” says the single singer, 28, who lives in Los Angeles, “the one overriding emotion I have is gratitude.” Guarini, who still e-mails with Clarkson, is currently working on his third album, which he says has a “soul-funk” sound. He’s also about to try his hand at acting again in an indie romantic comedy called Fast Girl, his first big-screen foray since his and Clarkson’s 2003 flop From Justin to Kelly. “The script is a little more thought-out this time,” he jokes.


Beauty and the Geek

She earned the $250,000 prize with partner Josh Herman in January, but it was another geek on the show that stole this beauty’s heart. “I was a smitten kitten the first night,” says spokesmodel Cher Tenbush, 25, of Wes Wilson, 24, a computer programmer. “A lot of people say reality TV relationships are doomed, but it helped us. We stayed up so many nights talking, we had a really good foundation.” Now the couple, who helped choose the candidates for January’s Beauty and the Geek 3, are happily playing house in an apartment in Van Nuys, Calif. “I woke up to breakfast in bed this morning,” says Wilson. “She takes really good care of me.”


The Real World: San Francisco

The dude was so crude they kicked him off The Real World: San Francisco in 1994. But at 38, David “Puck” Rainey has mellowed, thanks to his wife, Betty, and their two sons Bogart, 5, and Rocco, 3 months. “I have a wonderful family now,” he says from his San Fernando Valley, Calif., home, “and a nice pool that I’m in right now!” Rainey, who helps run a granite store in northern California, also kicks back at his “funky adobe house” in Mexico (“My wife hates it—there’s no power”). Since The Real World, he’s had a few TV appearances, such as when his home was featured on MTV’s Cribs. But he recently turned down an offer to star in his own reality series. “I don’t want to make some stupid [show] like Chaotic,” he says, referring to Britney Spears‘s 2005 series. “That ain’t me, man. That ain’t Puck.”

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